Norfolk Island Youth Assembly

The Norfolk Island Youth Assembly was created with the help of the Chief Minister and Norfolk Island Central School’s Science Master. We meet monthly in the Government Chambers to discuss and make decisions on problems that concern the environment and young people in our local area.

The meetings are run with a set of rules that we’ve developed. Everyone talks through the Speaker and Junior Clerks record the minutes.

We all respect each other’s ideas. You know - motions, amendments and all that jazz. Local experts, like representatives from Parks and Wildlife and the Police, give members valuable background information, helping with our decision making.”


                                                        Bekki Meers, Speaker of the First Youth Assembly (1999)


About us

“The concept of the Norfolk Island Youth Assembly has created an incredible opportunity for OUR young people to make decisions that affect their future and the future of Norfolk Island.

I hope that other Governments will encourage their youth to set up similar programmes because they really ARE making a difference.”

Hon George Smith MLA.,

Chief Minister (1999)


Gaye Evans

Parliamentary Education Officer

Legislative Assembly

Kingston, Norfolk Island

Trish Magri and George Smith


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